Hard Cook Your Eggs – Hurricane Preparation

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Here’s a quick tip from the NC State Extension Safe Plates Information Center on hurricane food that perhaps you haven’t thought about. eggs

Raw eggs should be kept refrigerated which may cause concerns during power outages. Our NC State Extension Safe Plates Information Center suggests that prior to a storm when you think you might lose power, hard cook any eggs you may have. These eggs will be a good protein source if you don’t have power and can’t cook. Another plus is that if the power does go out the hard-cooked eggs can go unrefrigerated if the shells aren’t broken or cracked. Remember that cooked eggshells are still porous, so take care not to cross-contaminate these eggs after they have been cooked.

N.C. Cooperative Extension has a series of Fact sheets on Disaster Readiness and Response and Recovery. These fact sheets contain information on everything from keeping food frozen to powerless cooking to dealing with storm-damaged trees. Check them out at Disaster Preparedness.

Source:  Cheryle Syracuse, Family and Consumer Science staff member at N.C. Cooperative Extension, Brunswick County Center