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Brunswick County 4-H Youth Development

Welcome to Brunswick County 4-H!


The Brunswick County 4-H Youth Development Program is an educational program of the N.C. Cooperative Extension Service for boys and girls ages 5-19. We provide research-based, hands-on curriculum that teaches youth valuable life skills. In addition to providing excellent opportunities to young people, the 4-H program is also structured to allow adults an opportunity to share leadership skills and to learn and develop additional skills.

We provide in-school enrichment, after-school enrichment, summer camps, and 4-H clubs with our valuable partnerships and volunteers throughout Brunswick County. For more information on what we are doing throughout the county please visit our Facebook page at Brunswick County 4-H.

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4-H Pledge

The 4-H pledge is used in every meeting. This is the pledge and what you do when you say the pledge:

I pledge my head to clearer thinking, (raise your right hand to the side of your head)
my heart to greater loyalty, (put your right hand over the left side of your chest)
my hands to larger service, (stretch out your hands in front of you, palms upward)
and my health to better living, for my club, my community, my country, and my world. (stand with your hands at your sides)

4-H Motto

The 4-H motto, “To Make the Best Better,” should be the aim of every 4-H member and club leader.

4-H Colors

The 4-H colors are green and white. White symbolizes purity, and green represents life, springtime, and youth.

For further information:

Morgan King,, 4-H Youth Development Agent

Angie Lawrence,, Program Associate 4-H Youth Development

Gina Britton,, Administrative Assistant 4-H Youth Development

Call 910-253-2610

Visit the N.C. Cooperative Extension Service, Brunswick County Government Center (Building N), 25 Referendum Drive, Bolivia, NC