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Med Instead of Meds

Fresh fruits and fish

Med Instead of Meds was created by a group of nutrition and health professionals from NC State University and NC Division of Public Health. Eating the Med Way (Mediterranean) has been proven to protect against chronic illness. In some cases, eating the Med Way may even result in decreasing medications taken for blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes.*Be sure to ask your health-care professional before changing any prescribed medications. 

We are passionate about providing people with the information and tools needed to make delicious meals for themselves and their families. We too are on this journey with you to transform our eating to the Med Way.

For more information and Med Way recipes, visit the Med Instead of Meds site.

UPDATE: Right now, Med Instead of Meds is being offered virtually. If you are interested in getting on the waiting list for the next class, please email Meghan Lassiter,!