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Hurricane Cookbook

Many people often overlook their nutrition during a natural disaster. If you are not prepared with particular foods or beverages, it can lead to malnutrition and ultimately cause severe complications on your health. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) works to aid states that were hit by hurricanes or natural disasters, but it is still recommended to prepare ahead of time! During a hurricane, up to several days and sometimes weeks after, most grocery stores are closed, or food imports are delayed because of damage or ongoing weather conditions in the state.

One way to be prepared for a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, is to create a pre-dietary shopping list and purchase the items to store in your emergency kit. Not familiar with a dietary shopping list?

A dietary shopping list is a list of foods and beverages that specifically relate to your diet and needs. The dietary shopping list contains what you can or cannot consume because of a condition or allergy. It also helps you organize the needs of any family members. This list will make the trip to the grocery store easy and keep your emergency preparedness kit simple! 

How beneficial is a dietary shopping-list? 

The dietary shopping-list can be more beneficial than you think. It is a ready to go nutrition plan. You can have one ready for everyone or pet that lives in the household. The dietary shopping-list will reduce stress during a natural disaster and not allow yourself to forget anything while shopping. A dietary shopping-list will help you get nutritious foods instead of poor nutrition foods such as a bag of Doritos for breakfast. A dietary shopping-list can also be used to help meal prep during a hurricane because you will have all food items on one list.

The Hurricane Cookbook is a FREE program offered by the N.C. Cooperative Extension Brunswick County Center. It is a virtual event that will educate you about proper nutrition and food safety before, during, and after a hurricane. The program will help you learn about the most nutrient-dense and shelf-stable foods to look for while shopping. We will also provide you with the tools to properly stock your emergency kit, plan meals, and make nutritious dishes without power. During the Hurricane Cookbook program, you will also design your very own dietary shopping list in case of a hurricane.

Registration is open from March 5th to April 2nd, 2021 on Eventbrite. The program is one session and will last one hour and 30 minutes. The program will be offered on April 13th, from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., and again on April 14th, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The Zoom link for the program will be sent out to registered participants by email before the event! This material will be presented by UNCW Public Health student and Brunswick County Extension FCS Intern, Ren Levocz. 

Register here: