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Hurricane Cookbook

N.C. Cooperative Extension – Brunswick County Center will be offering the Hurricane Cookbook program in-person and virtually at the end of July! This program provides participants with more detailed information on nutritious foods to include in a hurricane preparedness food kit. Read more about the program below and to register click the links below: 

North Carolina, especially the Southeast region, typically experiences adverse weather, tropical storms, or a hurricane between the months of June and October. These occurrences can be hard to predict so the best way to handle hurricane season is to be prepared with a hurricane kit! A typical hurricane kit includes flashlights, batteries, gas for a generator, water, etc. Some essential items people often forget to prepare are shelf-stable and nutritious food items. 

Foods to Consider 

  • Canned or packaged fruits, no sugar added.
  • 100% fruit juices. 
  • Canned vegetables and beans, no salt added or reduced sodium.
  • Canned tuna, packed in water. 
  • Shelf-stable milk 
  • Unsalted nuts and seeds

Recipes and Sample Meal Plan

Helpful Tips

  • Buying a little each trip can also help spread the cost over a couple of months.
  • Once you have the menus and shopping lists written, they can be stored from year to year, and you won’t have to do that work each year.
  • Having nutritious foods on hand and having a meal plan can really help reduce stress and anxiety when it is a genuine emergency. 

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