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District Events

Banner with three pictures showing youth participating in activitiesWinter Fling

Winter Fling is an annual event held in January or February for teens age 12-18. This allows youth from across the Southeast District to gather together, participate in community service events, and workshops.

Teen Retreat

Teen Retreat is similar to Winter Fling but typically lasts longer and is when the district officers are elected, we participate in workshops, and compete for a spirit stick. This event is usually held in April or May and is for ages 12-18.

District Activity Day

District Activity Day is where youth who do county presentations go to compete at the district level against counties in the southeast. If youth place gold or silver at the district can go on to compete at the state level.

Regional Chicken Project

This project is for youth who are interesting in raising chickens either for a short-term or raising them to keep. This project requires them to show the chicken at a regional fair and complete a project record book.