Animal Operations, Requirements Regarding Land Application Prior to Tropical Storms/hurricanes

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With so much activity regarding approaching storm system, we would like to reach out to as many people as possible to remind our Animal Operations about requirements regarding land application prior to tropical storms/hurricanes, etc. It appears that some coastal counties/coastal areas will be affected by this system. Therefore, permittees may be subject to these restrictions. All general permits contain the following language:

Land application of waste shall cease within four (4) hours of the time that the National Weather Service issues a Hurricane Warning, Tropical Storm Warning, or a Flood Watch associated with a tropical system including a hurricane, tropical storm, or tropical depression for the county in which the permitted facility is located. Watches and warnings are posted on the National Weather Service’s website located at: More detailed website information can be found on Page 2 of the Certificate of Coverage. Watch and warning information can also be obtained by calling the local National Weather Service Office that serves the respective county, which can be found on Page 2 of the Certificate of Coverage.

Permittees are responsible for ensuring they are in compliance with this and all permit conditions. Each permit COC has listed the phone number and website of the National Weather Service Office that services their county.

PLEASE forward this to as many facilities and contacts as possible.

J. R. Joshi

Soil Scientist

DWR Animal Feeding Operations Branch

Department of Environmental Quality

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