Sold on Shiitake: High School Students Learn About Growing Shiitake Mushrooms

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On Friday, March 3rd, approximately 30 North Brunswick High School Students received hands on training in the production and marketing of shiitake mushrooms. This two-part series was led by Horticulture Extension Agent, Sam Marshall and Horticulture Sciences teacher, Meghan Barron, and covered the various aspects of commercial shiitake mushroom production. Topics included an overview of mushroom production, site and tree selection suitable for growing mushrooms, and the economic viability of growing shiitake mushrooms in Brunswick County. The second part of the training was a hands-on session that afforded students the opportunity to get their hands dirty and cultivate mushroom logs that will be used later in the year.

If you are a public educator or teach young adults in other capacities, and are interested in this and similar programs, please contact the Brunswick County Extension Office at (910) 253-2610, or contact Sam Marshall at

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