2013 4-H Teens in Leadership Training Youth Volunteer Training

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Brunswick County 4-H Teens in Leadership Training (TiLT) are excited this year to welcome eleven NEW youth to our 4-H Youth Volunteer Program.  All new youth were trained February 16th and 17th at Fort Caswell.  There were a total of fifteen youth at the weekend training. New youth are from all over Brunswick County and are in 6th – 11th grade, they included: Owen Bell, Nikki Cooper, Bryant Holden, Sadie Huntly, Alison Jones, Bethany Jones, Bobbi Jane Lawrence, Breanna Long, Savanna Moore, Katlyn Toney and Campbell Woody.  Staying the night and facilitating programs was Angie Lawrence 4-H staff, Portia Gause 4-H Summer Fun Assistant and Sarah Barnwell Brunswick County Cooperative Extensions Family and Consumer Science Agent. Other training facilitators included adult 4-H volunteers Trisha Apple and Jane Kulesza and Cooperative Extension Director Mark Blevins. Then of course our veteran TiLT youthvolunteer leaders Angelique and Alexis Apple, Kenan Bridges, and Amber Yurgel helped mentor and teach throughout the weekend. 

 Our veteran TiLT teens taught new youth volunteers how to interact with youth ages 5-12, gave them ideas and taught chants and games to play with youth this age.  They also presented hands on presentations in communication, CalciYum and Health Rocks.  All TiLT teens and Cooperative Extension Staff were led in hands on leadership, teamwork and time management activities by Jenny Fuller and Fort Caswell’s education staff.   On Saturday they learned Experiential Learning from volunteer Jane Kulesza and the basics for planning activities for camps from Angie Lawrence.  Then on Sunday they were split into groups to plan and teach back activities to be used this summer at our summer fun camps. 

During the second day of training, Mark Blevins the Brunswick County Cooperative Extension Director worked with a group to present “Bug Out,” they presented a skit on butterflies and then led other groups to create skits on other insects.  Summer fun assistant and middle school teacher, Portia Gause worked with a group on Bio-glyphs where they taught the group about bio-glyphs, then based on the key provided they drew their own glyphs and became detectives to solve the bio-glyph mysteries.  Facilitating her group in healthy living exercises, Sarah Barnwell FCS Agent, taught her group to teach Organ Wise Guys, TiLT youth volunteers exercised and learned the name and use of internal organs.  TiLT youth volunteers created a livestock bingo game and other hands on activities for 5-8 year olds teaching about livestock and agriculture with a assistance from Angie Lawrence, 4-H staff.  Trisha Apple, 4-H volunteer helped a group learn about and plan activities for a Loca-vore camp, youth created a vegetable fishing game and guessed if the vegetable was grown locally. All of these programs will be featured in our Summer Fun camps for 2013, which will be released April 2013.   

4-H Teens in Leadership Training (TiLT) was originally founded as a summer fun, camp counselor, training program for Brunswick County 4-H day camps in 2011. Youth have learned and taught healthy eating, environmental awareness, S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), performing arts and community service through fun hands on camps. Volunteering over 950 hours in 2012 through teaching and community service, in addition these youth have also helped with Special Olympics, raised money for Relay for Life and read in Kindergarten classrooms.

 Since original training in 2011 the program also trains teens to present 4-H curriculum in local elementary schools. With this year’s training we have approximately twenty teens in this youth volunteer program. Other active TiLT youth volunteers include: Savanna and John Macon Michaux and graduating seniors Camille Carr, Samantha Lawrence and Garrett Williams.  Last year youth developed their own curriculum, “CalciYum,” osteoporosis education for youth and taught this program in Kindergarten classrooms and at after school programs in most of the nine elementary schools including private schools such as L&L Montessori School. All current teens have also received training in the “Health Rocks! ®,” 4-H National Healthy living curriculum and these youth plan to implement this program in after school Communities in Schools programs in the future. Teens have also taken part in S.T.E.M. training and taught the 4-H National Youth Science Experiment in most Elementary schools two years running.

 In March TiLT Youth Volunteers will receive full training from FCS Agent Sarah Barnwell on Organ Wise Guys’ a youth curriculum “bringing the body to life via lovable organ characters, kids of all ages learn what it really means to be smart from the inside out.” 

Schools interested in having TiLT youth volunteers present at their school please contact Angie Lawrence, 4-H staff at 910-253-2610 or email at angie_lawrence@ncsu,edu.  Also feel free to call for more information about this program and other 4-H programs and check us out at our Home Page http://brunswick.ces.ncsu.edu/, Website http://brunswickco4h.shutterfly.com/ and Facebook – brunswickcounty4h or follow us on Twitter @Brunsco4h.